Gracenotes and embellishments Bagpipes

• Nov 8, 2019 - 11:41

In my earlier post at .... .... there are tunes with bagpipe embellishments and they play very slow on my computer using the latest 3.3 musescore and a win10 intel I5 fast computer. I have also tried creating a new score using the bagpipe pallatte and it also plays the gracenotes very slow.....both are so slow that the gracenote sound is muddled up with the notes.
Isearched the forum and came across... ..... this has 2 tunes Battle of Somme and Heights of Dargai. Both these play fairly well....not like bagpipe music but resembles it at least. And the gracenotes are much faster compared to the notes so sound like embellishments.
I deleted a few and reinserted some again from the Bagpipe pallette and the ones I entered play slow and the rest in the tune play fast. Is there some setup I need to do on my PC so as they are detected correctly.??
Also I notice, for instance if I double click a high G gracenote it may go in as high A or F natural....the key signature was key of D major having 2 sharps.....????


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thanks for reply, I would need some time to try and understand the 2 links you give.
as these links are old does that mean it should work now in the latest versions or do I need to do anything.
Why is it that the Battle of Somme sheet plays fast but if I add some gracenotes from the pallatte they look different and play slow.
Regards the transposing of the gracenotes what key should I create pipe music in.???
We normally read pipe sheetmusic as though it is in the key of "A "major, it has 2 sharps and a flattened 7th "G" on the sheetmusic so no "G#". That makes the sheetmusic look like "D" major
If I was playing a Bb chanter (I would still read sheetmusic in key "A" major) then LowA on the sheetmusic would sound as Bb ie. the instrument transposes up a semitone to Bb. In actual fact modern pitch is approx 480 for Low A instead of 466 for Bb but that doesnot matter we still read the same music.

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