• Nov 11, 2019 - 04:30

is there a way to express the marks in the international phonetic alphabet on musescore or on any other known composition software program?


Pressing F2 while entering text allows you to enter almost any text you want to enter, it's just tedious. If you tell what language you are using someone from that country might be able to help you configure your keyboard so you can use that without needing to use F2.

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press ctrl+L to start entering lyrics
When you need an IPA symbos, press F2 and a new window will appear
Find the IPA symbol you need and double click it. (you can double click several in a row if you need several IPA symbols)
Close the window when you are done entering an IPA symbol
type more lyrics or press space to move to the next note

Repeat the F2 and double click symbols as often as you need to closing it when you are done entering IPA symbols.

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I don't know what more I could say. Copy the text in the other application, select the note, type ctrl-L, and when the lyric box opens, type ctrl-V (that is, the V key, while the key marked CTRL is held down (assuming you are on Windows)). There's not really much more detail one can say about it.

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