How to change parts partway through a score?

• Nov 12, 2019 - 22:48

I'm quite the amateur with this software so bare with me...

When I'm transcribing guitar parts, often I have a guitar with a linked tablature staff, then at some point if the guitar switches to a simple strum pattern, I want to eliminate the tab and notate the strumming rhythm (to save some space and make for a better looking score).

This is a mock-up of what I want it to look like, more or less:


This is the closest I was able to get (by making individual measures in the tab invisible... although I still can't change the spacing):


I'm not sure if there is a way to get rid of a part (like the tab) partway through a score, or a way to make staff lines invisible for only part of a score.


You would need to do one of two things and the choice is yours.

Either, create a score with a guitar and add a staff (not linked staff) for a tablature. You will then need to copy all of the notes from the guitar to the tablature only when you want tablature shown.

Alternatively, Add another guitar with no tablature to your score and put notes where you do not want to see tablature to the second instrument rather than the first.

In both cases, after all of the notes are entered use the menu Format->Style and check Hide empty staves and uncheck the option below that that starts Do not hide... so you will never see the unused staff.

You will probably have to use system breaks to make the staves line up properly. Select the last measure you want on a system (a line of music) and press return to toggle a system break.

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