How to compose overtop of an existing audio file?

• Nov 13, 2019 - 21:38

Hey so I'm trying to write a drum solo overtop of a backing track within musescore but I'm not sure how to go about importing the backing track. I looked at this post:

But I don't have any experience working with midi files or soundfonts so it looks like they're speaking another language to me. I'd be happy to learn how to use the method that's discussed in the linked post (or if someone has an easier method as that post is a little dated) I just need it broken down a bit more.



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You can certainly sync the tracking of a score to a video, but not its playback in MuseScore. One could, of course, work extremely carefully in placing tempo changes and fermatas at almost every note, but there is no way to debug that because the "basic thing", the facility to use prefab audio as a "backing track", does not exist. If it did, you could use it to steal recordings and post them.

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I ran into trouble a few days ago trying to fix a synchronization problem in this score without regenerating the Hauptwerk track (which is, of course, generated from the MS). There is some discrepancy due to versions somewhere. The problem gets noticeable at m. 20 or so. I found there was absolutely no way without a process too laborious to even think about to resolve the problem, precisely for want of such a thing (sound as backing track). I just gave up -- you can use the score, or listen to it, but the pink box gets frustrating. There is no way to or debug synchronization of an audio track and an MS file (in the more important cases when the former was not generated from the latter).

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I agree it can get messy if there are tempo changes. As far as I can tell, the same difficulties would exist if one tried the opposite approach of using a sampler instrument to simulate and audio track within MuseScore. Anyhow, I have used the approach I describe successfully. A couple of places I need to do a little cut & paste in Audacity to resynchronize after a fermata, but it wasn't too bad. But the tempo was steady otherwise.

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