musescore 3.3 not function well

• Nov 15, 2019 - 08:16

noting in the section of palette and hopefully can put the tempo on a staff not only above the 1st instrument


Tempo texts are possible only above the system, so above the top staff/instrument.
You could use staff texts with the same content and text style fort the other staves.

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"You could use staff texts with the same content and text style fort the other staves."
This used to work really well in MuseScore 2, but it is a bit broken in MuseScore 3.

In MuseScore 2 the repeated tempo text looks identical to the original tempo instruction:
Repeat tempo instruction on next stave - MS2.3.2.png

But in MuseScore 3 the repeated text is no longer visually identical. Specifically, compare the notehead of the quarter note = 70, which in MS3 is misaligned with the = symbol:
Repeat tempo instruction on next stave - MS3.3.2.png

And in MuseScore 3 the problem gets even worse if you increase the font size of the note to extend its stem above the parenthesis - something which I always do, because a) it's normal publishing practice, and b) the stem tends to disappear when printed at the tiny default setting. When the tempo note's font size is increased in the stave text of the repeated instruction, the note looks really ugly: is it using the wrong font?
Font size change of Note in tempo instruction - MS3.3.2.png

And why are the Tempo note and its stem simply too small at the default setting? (That was a problem way back, not just in MS 3). Increasing the size of the default just seems such an obvious improvement, which would save a lot of manual intervention:
Note size is wrong in Tempo instructions.png

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