Moving the second line of lyric un into the first line's place

• Nov 16, 2019 - 00:15

This is version 2.1 of Muse. I wrote two verses of a lyric for a verse section, both lines under the same line of music-- where one sings the first verse to those notes, then goes back to the start of that verse's music and sings the second line, the one marked line "2". (Sounds muddled, hope it is understandable.) Anyway, then I decided to separate them, so I Copied and Pasted the section so that now I had 2 copies of the same music + those 2 verses right in a row. Next, I Cut the second line of words from the first copy of the music, then Cut the FIRST line of music from the second copy, the second iteration, of that section of music. Now I had 2 discrete verses. But the second one, the copy that now had only the second verse, line 2, did not obligingly pop up into the position where the first line had been. Is there a way to make the whole line of lyric jump up into the top lyric line's spot? (What I did, in the end, was click on each syllable and hit the "up" arrow 20 times. Quite tedious and a double pain whenever I needed to change the words because the new words would keep being placed in line 2, instead of in line 1's spot, where I had lifted the rest of the line to, syllable by syllable, by syllable...)


This is so much easier in version 3 because you can easily change a group of lyrics to verse 1, but you can make it look right in version 2. Select the measures in question, right click any lyric and choose Select>More... You can then check Verse 2 and In selection to only select those lyrics. You can then use the inspector and change the Y offset to something like -3 (your offset may vary).

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