Quickly changing dynamics on multiple parts

• Nov 16, 2019 - 20:17

Say I have a 10 part score with Forte marked on all 10 parts on the first note of a measure. I am looking for a way to quickly change all 10 parts to Fortissimo. Adding dynamics to each part is pretty fast using Shift+Down. But to replace them, I have to select each one with an individual click, press delete, then re-select and add the dynamic.
Is there a way to quickly select just dynamics for a range of parts to at least make the delete faster? Or when I put in a new dynamic, automatically delete the old one?


Faster delete:
1. Select range
2. Right click on a dynamic, Select → All Similar Elements in Range Selection
3. Delete

Have a new dynamic replace the old one: This has been discussed quite recently amongst some developers and it seems like this will be implemented in one of the upcoming versions. I can't immediately trace it back to an outstanding issue ticket though.

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OK, that's a bit faster than my current method, thanks. Still have to re-select the notes again to apply the new dynamics. Related to that, I noticed there is a "Notes" button in the Inspector panel to quickly select all notes in a range. I couldn't figure out any way to assign a hotkey to this. Is that possible?

It would be great to have this all in one step!

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There is no way to assign a shortcut to a button in the inspector. The only shortcuts you can assign are in the shortcuts tab of preferences.

I suggested adding to the Select>More... window to include an option to select all notes on a specified beat for this very purpose. That way you could make a selection, right click a note on beat 1 (or 2.5 or 4) then choose the options for all notes on that beat and apply a dynamic (or articulation like fermata) to all of them at once.

I used several centuries ago, NOTATOR on ATARI, it had a function named TRANSFORM, where it was possible to transform anything, in ........anything, where you want. For example you want to change staccatos into tenutos in measure between 10 to 15, but it was possible to choose the exact position, like on the 2 nd beat only.
I used it to transform a work written in binary mode , straight, if secondary I want to have it written in Shuffle , in 75-25, I select the eight notes on the 2nd half of any beat, I transform them into sixteen notes, and in the same time, I move them of 1/4 beat on the right. After I take all the first eight noes of each beat, and I transform them into dotted eight notes.
I can change an f into mf or ff. It was a good "program"

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