Redesign selection filter as a normal QDockWidget

• Nov 17, 2019 - 09:21

Currently the selection filter widget is designed as a QListWidget, and it has white background while other panels have grey background (in light mode, in dark mode the colours are different too). While other panels have a very comfortable look, the tick boxes in the selection filter are all clustered together.

批注 2019-11-17 171020.png

This isn't a beautiful layout. I can see the convenience of defining a QListWidget, but the selection filter is a dock panel just like palettes, inspector and mixer. They should have the same general look.

QListWidget is used when a dialog needs to include a list, like the one in the Instruments dialog:

批注 2019-11-17 171517.png

But if the whole dialog is a list, a design of this should be more careful. Especially when the dialog is supposed to be placed beside dialogs of the same kind (in this case, dock widgets), a inconsistent look can upset users each time they look at it.


The current design of the Selection Filter may not be "beautiful", but it is highly efficient in terms of vertical space used. For me, that is a key consideration.

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