can this be done on MuseScore?

• Nov 18, 2019 - 08:55

I made this long ago on Sibelius4 and i would like to keep space right from the senond bar.
I did find the "frames and Measures" function, but it seems impossible to position the frame after the second bar...
If it is not possible on 2.0.2, could it be done on MS3?
The reason i am still on MS2 is that i am on KXstudio and i have not succeeded in installing a newer MS.
Thank you!

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Apply a system break to the 1st horizontal frame and make it wider, then apply the text to it
Replace the 2nd horizontal frame by a vertical frame, make it higher and apply the text to it
Doesn't really matter which version of MuseScore, this works with any of them.

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