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• Nov 18, 2019 - 20:20

Hello everyone!
I met a score that contains a drum team but has two pieces on the drum team that are not part of the drum palette. I would like to know how they were and where they were added to the arrangement (attached file).

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Good morning (in Brazil) kuwitt!
Yes it worked, I typed the name and the piece already appeared in the palette, I am very grateful friend!
How do I know and where do I get the list of all battery parts according to pellet numbers?
How did you know that "Maracas" and "Cabasa" were related to the numbers 70 and 69?

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Thank you!
I learned your teaching.
Could fix some parts of this relationship definitely in the drum palette?
Because when I do the procedure the piece is in the skin only temporarily, after closing and opening and filing again the pieces is no longer there. So, I have to fix it again. Would normal be like this?

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Good morning (in Brazil) kuwitt...
I would like to know how we can fix a drum part on the palette so that it looks final. Because when saved and close and file and open again the piece is no longer. How do I make the drum part stay in the palette forever?
Thank you very much!

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Good afternoon (in Brazil) jeetee!!
There really is no way to edit or change the main palette. However according to your teachings I learned to save / load my own palettes.
I performed a test, I deleted all the palettes and only saved one palette with the instrument 69 "Maraca" however, even if this palette has only one instrument, whenever I carry it the instrument 48 "Medium High Tone" is loaded also not being I selected him.
Is it normal for this instrument to be present in any custom palette?
Friendly hug!

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