Start/stop playback keyboard shortcut doesn't work after changing zoom size during playback

• Nov 19, 2019 - 16:55

This is a very specific thing and not a major issue, but I've noticed that if I start playback and then select, say 75% zoom, I can't stop playback with the normal keyboard shortcut. (I have it mapped to Enter, and the default Enter (Page break, I think) is mapped elsewhere, so that isn't the issue.) This happens even if I select the zoom to the level it's already at. Pressing the Play button stops it as normal.

EDIT: Starting playback also doesn't work if you change zoom until you click back on the score. I think the issue is just that, when you select a zoom option, your inputs are funneled into the dropdown/zoom selection until you click out of it. That's less of a bug and more of an inconvenience.

Mac OS 10.14.6


Does it work after pressing Esc first?
Likely changing the zoom setting put the keyboard input focus there (as you are allowed to type in a custom zoom value). I'm guessing escape will remove the input focus from that field.

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