Double time signature change bug

• Nov 20, 2019 - 22:43

I just found this bug when trying to review an old piece. I have no idea why this happens, if i delete one of the time signatures they both get deleted. I found a workaround, if i change the measure duration from measure properties and then add the time signature the bug does not happen. I attach the sample score. I am using 3.3.2 on manjaro.

time signature bug.gif

I forgot to mention, when i was recording i thought it was due to the g clef that gets misplaced before the time signature but it happens anyway.

Attachment Size
I nuevo.mscz 25.68 KB


There was a bug in some older versions that could cause this. The bug has been fixed so you won't see this anymore in new scores, but scores already damaged by this bug will need to be corrected manually. Easiest way is Format / Style / Page, disable courtesy signatures, save, reload, then re-enable them.

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