Sarrusophone Soundfont?

• Nov 21, 2019 - 20:06

Morning/Afternoon, hope you're all doing well.

I'm curious if there is a Sarrusophone soundfont. It seems like the interest for Sarruses are rising, so I was wondering if there is a Sarrusophone soundfont so I can compose for such a weird, but lovely instrument.

Thanks, take care and best wishes!


!!!! I had to look it up! Looks like an intellectual-property protection device to make sure nobody ever plays your music :) Can't say I've ever seen one, but, thanks for teaching me something new; I found some yt's; it's not that radical a sound.

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It interesting that a contrabass sax would be used rather than a bass sax since it would cover the range and is far more common than the contrabass. I suppose it's because the contrabass is an Eb instrument and transposition from C in Bass clef is much easier than on the Bb bass sax.

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