Musescore Pro ( membership conditions

• Nov 23, 2019 - 13:48

I really love Muscscore. I have been using it for several years and now I want to support it.
Is it right, that the cost for Musescore Pro account on is used to support the developers of Musescore?

If this is so, I would gladly change my account into the pro account.
I don't need most features of the pro account (though it's nice being able to publish more than 5 pieces). I would mainly want to "go pro" to support development.

Unfortunately the documentation concerning amount, paying method and usage of the pro membership fee is documented very poorly.
Upon clicking "Try for free" the 49$/year + 1 month free are shown... Clicking "Redeem your special offer" shows $29.99 billed annually - no further description about payment method, billing. ... is this for the first year only or for anyone who decides not to make use of the free 30 days?
All very opaqe (intransparent ;-) ).

Anybody involved in maintaining the site: please note this and improve that site's documentation concerning pro membership.
Thank you!


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