Lyrics; - Breath Commas / Ticks location & create Lyric "ties"?

• Nov 24, 2019 - 14:53

Hi Peoples,
1. I would find it most useful if one was able, (preferably within "Breaths & Pauses") to assign/attach a Breath mark (comma or tick) to the Lyric texts - "Style" most probably "Tick" & may be designated eiter "after" or "before" the relevant text. At present such marks seem only to be assigned to notes or measures.

  1. It would also be very helpful if it were possible to "tie" txt to text within the Lyrics text editor (maybes as a Ctrl or Alt function of the existing "Tie" button as found in the Note Input tool bar.

I appreciate that both above actions may be procured through manual editing but such is fraught with potential errors and very time consuming.

Thank you,


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