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• Nov 25, 2019 - 11:50

I just joined, so please excuse me if this is the wrong place.

I particularly want to have scores for recorder groups. The instruments should include at least the following:
soprano, treble/alto, tenor, bass - with perhap also contrabass and sub-contrabass for the lower registers, and sopranino for the highest. Some music has also been written for so-called voice flutes - altos in G, but that's a bit specialised.

I notice that there are some pieces available already which have recorders in the instrumentation, but these may have been done using a custom template. I haven't figured out how to customise the instruments for my own purposes yet. For me, it would be good if these instruments could be brought into the standard set of instruments.


There are quite a few recorders avaliable with MuseScore already, Garklein, Sopranino, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, Great Bass, Contra Bass. So what are you missing?

MuseScore does not (yet) have a Sub Great Bass Recoderer or a Sub Contra Bass Recorder though

Are you perhaps looking at the "Common instruments" list? If you select "All instruments", the choice is greater:
Recorder list in MuseScore.png

And there is also a Search box at the foot where you can filter the list for only the recorders.

You wrote:
I haven't figured out how to customise the instruments for my own purposes yet.

To add, delete, or change the order of instruments -- eg., if you have an existing score (or template) that you wish to modify, see:…

To change any current instrument in a score to a different instrument:…

To change/customize an instrument's name, see:…
and look for 'Long instrument name' and 'Short instrument name'.
Long/short instrument names may also be edited directly as a text object. See:

Regards, and welcome aboard.

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