moving measures between systems

• Nov 26, 2019 - 03:56

I, after searching both the handbook and the tutorial, I still could not find out how to move a measure at the end or beginning of a system to the adjacent system above and below. This was a very simple operation in Finale Printmusic: just select the desired measure and up or down-arrow it; done. Musescore seems a lot trickier.

I'm attaching a file, hope to cam through. You can see where I was able to move up the "hanging" measures at the end of the score - only the operation didn't move them up, but rather moved some other down. I've searched for ways to resolve this - to no avail. Can someone advise? thanks.k

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MuseScore works much like a word processor in this. If you want to move a word to the next line you simply put a line break before it,
like I am doing
here in this sentence.

I can't really tell what you are doing wrong, but assuming you wanted four measures per line all the way through, you simply need to add more line breaks. Click the measure you want to end a line, hit Enter. Or use Tools / Add/Remove System Breaks, which will automatically go through and do it every four bars (or whatever).

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