Ending a hairpin on the same note as a dynamic

• Nov 27, 2019 - 05:08

I'm not quite sure how to explain what i want without talking about the score, so I'll just use the first measure as an example. Basically. I want it to keep decrescendoing until the end of the half note, and not go straight to piano once the half note starts. I can't put the piano on the next measure, because i want that measure to start at mezzoforte. Is there a way to accomplish this without adding ties or invisible notes? Just curious...

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To continue the decrescendo through the half note you will need to use an invisible voice 2. All you need to put in the voice is rests. I would suggest a 1/2 note followed by a double dotted 1/4 note and a 16th rest. Drag the p so it becomes anchored to the rest (the line will be drawn to it) and extend the decrescendo by double clicking it and pressing shift+right arrow. To make voice 1 ignore what you did in voice 2 as far as stems are concerned, exchange voices 1 & 2 twice.

I did this in the flute as an example.

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