Musescore General HQ download please?

• Nov 27, 2019 - 10:53

The new HQ soundfont didn't come along with my MuseScore 3.3 when I downloaded it, and I'm surprised that there aren't any downloads of the soundfont provided at this official site. Now I can't use expressive instruments. Can anyone provide me the soundfont? Or can I get it somewhere else? Thank you.


a) There's no need for the HQ soundfont when it comes to expressive
b) There is an HQ soundfont for 3.3
c) The HQ soundfont never comes along with a MuseScore download and install, but needs to get installed as an extension

But indeed, while MuseScore 3.3.3 comes along with an updated 0.1.8 version of the non-HQ soundfont, the extension's HP one is still on the 0.1.6 version.
See #291724: Percussive organ plays Ab2 and A2 wrong, which also has links where you can download the HQ soundfont

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