scanning existing sheet music scores to Musescore

• Nov 27, 2019 - 15:33

How do I scan already existing sheet music to Musescore to so I can use it to play y music on the piano--I am going to use Airturn as my foot controlled page turning device. I'm sure that it is pretty simple. Thanks


The process is simple indeed, you can try File / Import PDF or any commercially available music scanning software - but it rarely works meaningfully. Turning a PDF - a picture of a score - into actual music is a complex AI problem. It's like saying, "hey, I have this picture of a car, how do I scan it to my #D printed so I can make my own car on 3D printer"?

You wrote:
How do I scan already existing sheet music to Musescore...

If you wish to scan already existing paper sheets, you cannot "scan to MuseScore".
You can, however, scan and save as PDF to open in a PDF display app which will allow page turns using Airturn.

Only if you wish to practice while MuseScore plays along do you need to enter it into MuseScore at all.

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