• Dec 3, 2019 - 05:56

Ok so my piano teacher can print out and download music from musescore.com for free but I cannot do the same thing at home. Is my piano teacher mistaken, or does musescore only work for free for some people because I have heard that some people can just download music for free and then print it. But I cannot and I have heard that many others can't either.


If you want to download Public Domain scores (copyright-free), you do at least have to have a basic account on musescore.com. But be careful not to get drawn into a free trial of the Pro account, which will take an annual subscription from your credit card if you forget to cancel during the short trial period!

I wouldn't be too surprised if someone with a deleted account can't download anything on musescore.com.

I am surprised though that such an account can still write here

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