Spanish hanbook

• Dec 5, 2019 - 18:44

A little over a year ago I translated much of the handbook into Spanish and did a poor job. Thankfully people like Federico went behind me and improved these translations. There were several pages with far too much technical information that I didn't even attempt to translate them and they are still in English in the current version 3 handbook. If someone could translate these pages it would be useful when I can answer questions by attaching a link. Currently I tell the Spanish speaker to translate it themselves and ask me to clarify what they still don't understand.

Pages I know I've used include: (MIDI import) (command line options)

but all pages should be translated. I remember seeing a page that has several paragraphs that were not translated but I don't remember which one that was.


Hello Mike. My name is Fernando. I'm from Spain and I have made some translation works. I am not a musician or something similar. Some kind of circunstances have made me arrive here. I would like to help you with the translation if you want. My e-mail is See you soon.

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