Custom Scaling on Individual Pages

• Dec 6, 2019 - 07:56

Is there any way to have custom scaling for individual pages? I believe this would be a useful feature that could make scores look much cleaner.

After looking at some publications of orchestra music, I noticed that when the staff spacing gets really wide (due to dynamic marks, text, etc.) then the editor scales down all of the note sizes for that individual page, but after the score gets less dense, the scaling gets bigger to make the score easier to read and completely fill in the page margins. In Musescore, I have only figured out how to adjust settings globally. This is a problem, because the height of my systems in large ensemble music changes constantly, leaving ugly gaps at the bottom of the page if I choose a really small global setting, or it gets cut off if I use a big global scaling.

Thoughts? How can this be done?


Use different scores, export to PDF and 'sttch' them together with something like PFDSaM.
Maybe once the album feature gets reimplemented we may be able to use that.

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