Note missing in my score online, ONLY???

• Dec 7, 2019 - 22:14

In measure 111 of this score, which otherwise seems to be playing perfectly, the second vocal note "-tes" is silent when I play the score from online. Not only does it play perfectly in my copy, but if I download it from that online score and play it, it still plays perfectly at that (and every other) point. I have checked the note parameters in the Piano Roll editor, and verified that its velocity or relativeness are not wrong; as a matter of fact, my first attempt at fixing it was to delete the note and put it back afresh.

Perhaps this only fails on the Linux that the site uses to render it. Asking the site for help is .... not likely to be helpful,


I confirm this non-compliant playback but in fact I have the feeling that the note on "tes" is played and heard but linked to the previous eighth note. Exactly like the first three eighth notes of this bar 111, which are of the same height and are heard as if they were linked or like a dotted quarter
I tried this: I downloaded your score and change the instrument for the bass voice. Instead of "Choir Aahs Expr." I put "Voice Oohs Expr.". Then I uploaded to the site (in Unlisted). The rendering is not that of a choir but all the notes can be heard separately.
Here is the link to see it for yourself :

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This actually helped me find it -- I indeed had messed with the preceding note in a way that annoyed that note (it involved injurious overlap, but, as you see, didn't fail in all environments). The piece is well and complete now. Thanks!

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