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• Dec 8, 2019 - 06:05

Is it possible to achieve "time signature spacing" in Musescore similar to Finale as shown in the image.
I don't mind working on a plugin for Musescore if this needs to be done to achieve this.

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The best way to get that result would be to add a steady stream of 64th notes/rests (or whatever the shortest duration you need is) in another staff. Or as invisible notes/rests on the same staff.

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Thanks for the work around tip. This is a commonly used option for TAB layout, presumably since TAB's origins are in plain text fixed width font where there were no note stems to indicate duration. This also leads to another TAB standard: fixed width measures.

It would be a nice option to see in MS.

TablEdit has a ruler displayed next to measures which allows easy selection of any time point within a measure for inputting notes.


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