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• Dec 8, 2019 - 20:00

Hello friends!
Just a simple question. I'm doing some counterpoint exercises and I'm required to put the name of the singers at the left part of each stave. So, how could I do that so it could be proportionate? Because when using the CTRL+T it just creates some text that goes over without the correct alignment.


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Do you mean you want to display the part name?
By default, with 1 instrument (singer/voice) only, the name of the part will not be shown at the beginning of the stave. You can enable the option "Hide instrument name if there is only one instrument", which will display the name before each stave. See
When you add multiple staves (1 for each singer/voices), the names of the parts will be displayed in the score.
Also you can use different names for the first and subsequent staves in the Staves/Part properties at Long Name and Short Name. See

It might also be good to read
Just to catch up on how to use voices vs. multiple staves.

Hope this helps.

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