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Hi everyone!
I like to make all my Coda symbols red for easier spotting while reading my PDF scores on my Android. I can change the D.C. al Coda, D.S. al Coda, Segno, and Coda symbols to red. I can change the "To Coda" to red, but after saving the score and I re-opening it, the "To Coda" is back to black. Why?

Musescore Version 2.3. Thanks :)!!


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Hi guys. Thanks for the reply.

I'm running Windows 10 Home. I attached the score in question. Note that I use Musescore for chord charts only since I don't read piano music that well. The information in green text is for my Yamaha Genos keyboard - nothing to do with music. The error is in the second to bottom line. The rest of the Coda info has been edited and the red font applied. They remain but the "To Coda" doesn't.


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This is odd....when I load the attached score in 2.3.2, the "To Coda" is showing as black text.
Opening the same score in 3.3.4, the "To Coda" is showing as red text. 2.3.2 the "D.S. al Coda" is showing as red text.
While in 3.3.4 the "D.S. al Coda" is showing as black text.

I wonder what is happening in the background.

A possible solution that might work for you as well, I tested using the Text Style settings for Repeat Text Left, Repeat Text Right and Repeat Text and have set all these to red color. This style setting is remained after saving, closing and opening the file again in 2.3.2.

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Agreed. I think it's a glitch in the earlier versions. I'm too busy to download and figure out all the goodies in the new version at the moment. Perhaps after Christmas.

I used the Text technique where instead of using the To Coda from the Palettes, I enter it in as text, and then manually alter it to red. It works then. So, for some reason, changing the color of the Palette tools is sketchy with some scores. I've had the red color remain in other scores. Go figure??

I still love this program, despite this minor issue :).

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