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• Dec 9, 2019 - 01:23

I'm getting a lot of static on this one particular piece that I'm writing. It starts around measure 27 or 28 and grows to become painful to listen to. The music is extremely distorted and the score is hardly workable. Musescore hasn't given me any messages about the file being corrupted, but I am beginning to suspect that this is the case (since I haven't had this issue with any other scores so far). I was wondering if anyone knew what the problem was or if anyone would be willing to download the file and see if they get the same static in playback -- it is a possibility that somehow my laptop is at fault and so I wan't to double check that as well. Thanks!

P.S. I have converted it into an MP3 and listened, and it is static free. Only the musescore file itself seems to have any issues -- hence my suspicion that it may be corrupted.

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Hi, I have played and listened to this piece on my pc and no issues. I have tested with both the standard installed SoundFont and with the HQ SoundFont which you can download from the extensions menu.

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Not sure if it makes a difference, but just so you know it..I have tested on a Windows 10 laptop.
From the file info, it looks like you are using a mac. Not sure if that has a different effect or not.
Perhaps you can try using the Mixer to set some instrument to Solo and see if it is one instrument playback causing this. As in bar 26, the piano starts....I would say perhaps that is the one causing this?
Try using a different sound, so see if it changes the result.
Are you using a custom SoundFont or have you changed setting in the Synthesizer, that could effect this?

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I am indeed using a mac. I did some troubleshooting and the piano is definitely the culprit. Tested each instrument soloed, and when I removed the piano there was absolutely no static. I have no custom soundfonts, and have not adjusted any settings in the synthesizer. When I switched the instrument's sound to almost anything other than one of the piano sounds, the issue was resolved entirely. Maybe it's something to do with Musescore's default piano sound?

Thank you to everyone who helped out! I have actually resolved the issue on my own. It seems that for some reason my laptop does not like the default piano sound in Musescore. I've got no idea why, but I have installed a simple piano soundfont and am no longer experiencing any sort of static, so I personally am satisfied.

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