Save the configuration of all palettes at once

• Dec 10, 2019 - 10:37


I like Musescore more and more and I liked the new features of this latest version (3.3.4).

Being able to order the palettes, change the order, include new items, etc., has seemed great. But I don't see an option to save the general configuration of ALL palettes at once. It would be nice to include a function to save ALL palettes that the user has modified at the same time.

Thank you for your dedication to this great score editor.


What do you mean by "save"? They are automatically saved as part of your workspace. If you mean, you want to have access to that workspace file so you can, say, transfer it to another computer, that's possible - you just need to find your workspace files. The location is OS-dependent, but it's the same as where other things like the autosave files are stored (eg, AppData on Windows). See for more on the location MuseScore uses on different systems.

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