How to insert text blocks with multiple lines

• Dec 10, 2019 - 14:22


I am desperately looking for a way to insert text block (with multiple lines) without having to manually insert line break. Because if I don't manually insert line breaks (by pressing "enter"), the text goes beyond the page boundaries.
What I mean is I would like my text block to automatically fit the page (or at least fit the frame) as I'm typing the lines...

Here is a screenshot illustrating the problem I'm having.
(I hope my explanation is clear enough, sorry, English is not my mother tongue)

Looking forward to your help.

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It is no joy. But like earning one's daily bread, or suffering rain as well as shine, one can accustom one's self to producing texts in this way (see my "Tutorials" set for many). A word of advice -- new text frame (or Vertical Frame with text) for each paragraph, and your life will be that much easier and benefit automatic paragraph flow.

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