Export to WAV or MP3 from a part (not the main score) seems to ignore 8va.

• Dec 11, 2019 - 16:21

I have a choral score with piano and strings I'm working on, and so I'm generating several different parts (Conductor, Choir, Strings, Percussion, etc).

The Conductor part, is not the same as the master score, as it leaves out a few staves I don't want the conductor to have to worry about (like a piano reduction).

So I wanted to render the conductor part to a WAV file, and when I did, I noticed a few things.
- The audio mix doesn't quite seem the same as when playing the part back in the editor directly. Some instruments seemed much quieter.
- The 8va I have over a few small piano licks are not playing it the octave higher when exporting the Part.

I was able to get around this by exporting the WAV from the main score, rather than the conductor part, and it worked as expected. I do feel however that exporting the audio rendering of any particular part should match the playback as heard in the editor.

Image attached shows the particular moment. The 8va exports as expected from the main score tab, but does not apply the 8va when exported from the Conductor part.

The 8va notes are on Voice 1.



In order to understand and assist better, we'd need to see the actual score, not just a picture of it, and give us precise instructions to reproduce the problem you are experiencing.

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Hi Marc,

Yep of course. I'm actually a software developer myself so I totally understand. Unfortunately, I can't seem to reproduce the issue in a new score, so I can't do steps to reproduce.

And I can't share the score at the moment since it's a commission and under NDA. I will attempt to reproduce the issue some more, but if I can't, then I may just put it down to some strange edge case because of me tweaking this work for so long.

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