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• Dec 11, 2019 - 23:25

Take a look at the way the systems are assigned to pages. From page 6 we see that the page is tall enough to take three systems of five staves each. Yet on some of the previous pages there are only two systems of five staves; there could have been three; why did Muse Score choose not to add the third system?

Put another way: I had thought that Muse Score would go on adding systems to the current page until there was no space for another system, then it would go to another page. Yet this seems not to be happening. Why not?

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It might look like there is enough space for another system, but there just barely isn't, not if MuseScore is to honor the minimum system distance and the music & page margins you have set. You will need to reduce one or more of those parameters (or the staff size) if you want to fit more systems on the page. See Layout / Style / Pgae, and Layout Page Settings, for those options.

The reason three systems fit on the last page is that those systems are physically smaller. The content of the lyrics combined with the stems below the staff and symbols above it cause the spacing to vary naturally. You will need to choose settings that work for the fullest page you want.

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