Add staccato symbol to note using a plugin.

• Dec 13, 2019 - 18:26

I want to write a plugin that does some layout things with articulations, but after searching for a while I didn't even find if it's possible to add a staccato symbol to a note using a plugin.

Is this possible given the 3.3 API and if so, can anyone give me a small example?


As far as I know, it is not possible using the conventional methods.
however, you might find some of these commands useful.
To call them, simply call cmd("cmd-name")
One example of this can be found in this plugin: before running the plugin, it needs the user to have a barline (any) selected, so that it can use cmd("select-similar"). Then it filtrates the needed barlines, and adds rehearsal marks only where it's needed.

I guess you could ask the user to select a staccato, use that cmd("select-similar"), loop through the selection, and modify the offset or anything like it.
As for adding staccatos, there's a `cmd("add-staccato"). Not sure how you'll be able to use that though...

Good luck!

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