Augmented sixth in RNA, how to get the +6 to show up right?

• Dec 13, 2019 - 20:26

So, I am using the RNA feature in the Musescore software to analyze the harmony in Beethoven's Fifth Symphony and most chords I can get to show up correctly. Everything from seventh chord inversions to the Neopolitan chord to ordinary triads shows up correctly. But there is one class of chords that doesn't really show up correctly in Musescore when I use the RNA feature and that is augmented sixth chords.

If I use Lyric Text(which was how I did RNA in Musescore before there was a feature specifically for RNA), I can easily get this to show up: Ger. +6

And it looks just like it would in any ordinary harmonic analysis. If I use the RNA feature and try to get the same thing I get Ger. +^6

or in other words, the 6 gets superscripted the same way it would be superscripted if I typed in V65. Is there a way to get the 6 to not be superscripted without having to resort to using a different text for augmented sixth chords specifically? Because I never see the 6 in augmented sixth chords superscript in any harmonic analysis. The only time I would see +6 with the 6 superscript in a harmonic analysis is if an augmented chord is treated as though it is in first or second inversion, in other words, something like this:

E, G#, C -> I+6
G#, C, E -> I+64


Different editors do things differently, superscripting the augmented sign and the six is quite common actually. But if you prefer it not to be, just precede it with a backslash - that is how you can default most of the automatic formatting in Campania, the font used for RNA. You can defeat the superscripting of the + and 6 independently .

FWIW, I did a quick Google search for "Roman numeral analysis german augmented sixth" and checked the "Images" tab. It looks to be about 50/50. But the ones that didn't superscript the "+" mostly didn't superscript their 6's either, even for ordinary first inversion triads - leading me to suspect they weren't using tools that were even capable of superscripting.

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