increasing space between instruments in a duet

• Dec 15, 2019 - 16:49

I am writing music using TAB and notation. I know how to increase space between staves when I have written something for one instrument: LAYOUT - PAGE SETTINGS -SCALING - STAVE SPACE but I'm now writing a duet and I want more space between the two instruments. I have notes & Tab for one instrument, then I want to increase the space between the second instrument's notes and Tab. I can't work out how to do this. Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks


Actually, the setting you mention isn't about space between staves, it is about the size of the staves. literally, you are setting the space of the spaces between the individual staff lines, and everything else in the score scales according to this (any measurement you see with a unit of "sp".

The settings for space between staves are in Format / Style / Page. "Grand staff distance" sets the distance between two staves of the same instrument (like for piano), "Staff distance" sets the distance between staves of different instruments.

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Hi Marc, That is really helpful. Thank you! I have followed what you have said to create space between staves and I'm fairly happy with the result. But I now have equal space between Notes, Tab for both instruments. It looks fine but Ideally, I'd like to have a bigger space between the instruments. Notes, Tab....SPACE... Notes, Tab so that it's clear that it's not just four staves but two sets of two. I hope that makes sense. I've uploaded what I'm working on so that you can see what I mean.

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Right, that's why I mentioned both "grand staff distance" (for the space between staves within a single instrument) and "staff distance" (for the space between instruments). Just set the latter more than the former.

Except: your score here doesn't have two instruments of two staves each - it has four instruments. You need to add the tab staves as staves within the same instrument as the standard notation, not as separate instruments. So go to Edit / Instruments, add staves to the first and third instrument, set them to tab, then copy the music over from the existing tab instruments. Better yet, use Add Linked Staff so you don't need to copy at all - the music on the standard staff will be automatically reflected on the tab staff.

If it feels like too much work to fix this existing score, you can "fake" the result by using "Extra distance above staff" in Staff Properties to add extra space above that third staff. But keep this in mind for next time, lots of things go more smoothly if you create the score more correctly.

Also, seems you are using an extremely old version of MuseScore., Update if at all possible, as the improvements from the version you are using are pretty incredible (not to mention hundreds if not thousands of bugs fixed).

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