How do I split two staves of one part into two parts each with one staff?

• Dec 17, 2019 - 01:21

I converted a PDF of a duet and spent a few hours cleaning up the results. However, the conversion ended up creating one part with two staves. Now I want to create two separate parts so as to assign different instruments to each part. I can't seem to figure out how this is done. (I searched the help archives but still can't figure it out.) Any help? Attached is my score.

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Thanks -- I tried this, but still stuck. I've added another instrument, but when I copy the notes from lower staff and try to paste on my new staff, nothing pastes.

Here's how I did it: I clicked the first note on that staff, right-clicked and selected "Select -> All similar elements in same staff," ctrl-c, then clicked the first measure of my new staff, and ctrl-v. Nothing pastes.

What am I doing wrong?

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Important: Most people consider "chords" as comprised of multiple notes on the same stem; and notes, as being a single tone - like one single note of a chord. MuseScore makes a peculiar distinction.

N.B.: The user manual (and the Inspector), when referring to "Chord" here means notehead, stem (if present), flag (if present), leger lines (if present).
In your case, when you clicked on a note(head) and then used "Select -> All similar elements in same staff," all the noteheads turned blue, not all the "chords". That's why Shift+click is needed.

OK, so...
With this in mind try the following experiment:
Enter a single 16th note which preferably includes leger lines - i.e., a note above (or below) the staff. Click on the note(head) and look in the Inspector. You will see a checkbox labelled 'Small' in both the 'Chord' area and the 'Note' area. If you toggle each checkbox on/off, you will see the difference. Because the note has flags, the difference is more pronounced than were it a quarter note with only a stem. This is important to know if you ever need to notate cue notes, or small notes used for lyrics words having a different number of syllables in each verse.

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Hey JM.... Can I ask a Q on this thread? I'm trying to separate two lines on the same stave, to produce two staves with one of the lines on each stave. The first part of your explanation worked, but the part

"Delete the unnecessary staff via the same Instruments dialog."

I cant make sense of that bit. When i click the link it refers to a right hand column.... I dont see that or any remove button when i highlight the line i want to remove...... \if you could help that would be great!!
Keep safe

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Maybe I wasn't that clear...... I'll attach a file this might help.....
so its a piano score and I want to separate each line into separate parts so a single line is on each stave.
For example if the piano part is a single line right hand and the left hand is in thirds, I would want to create a three line score, right hand on one stave and the left hand split into two staves, the upper note of the third on one and the lower note of the third in another......

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You wrote:
When i click the link it refers to a right hand column.... I dont see that or any remove button...

From that (handbook) link:
"Select an instrument, or a staff line, in the right-hand column, and click Remove."

For example, to remove your Electric Piano:

With the button now enabled, click on 'Remove'.

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