Hide measure numbers when using Rehearsal marks

• Dec 18, 2019 - 06:02

When I MuseScore to make a score, very often I add/use Rehearsal marks. Sometimes they are using the measure number and in other cases, they use a letter. All good in MuseScore.
Recently our band director requested to add measure numbers to every measure, as it helps him (and the band) a lot during band practice to tell which measure he is referring to. So I enable measure numbers for each measure. After that, I always have to fine-tune the score and visit the measure which also has a Rehearsal mark and switch off the visibility for the measure numbers where the Rehearsal mark is positioned.
Perhaps this can be turned into a feature? I.e. add an option not to generate measure numbers when a Rehearsal mark is placed/attached to the measure?


This makes sense, although I often see scores where the rehearsal mark and measure number are both present, so I wouldn't assume you have to hide those measure numbers. I'd consider instead finding style settings for positioning that allow them to coexist (I often see measure numbers below the staff in these cases).

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Indeed I do not (always) have to hide them, but when using a measure number for rehearsal marks it kind of duplicates the same value and with the autoplacement functionality it moves the rehearsal marks to avoid a collision.
In fact, the band director did indicate he would not mind the numbers being below the staff, however from a cosmetic and personal opinion that does not look very nice.

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FWIW, though, it's quite common in published music, so it's what other musicians are going to be accustomed to. For those pieces that use both measure numbers and rehearsal marks, anyhow. Sometimes it makes sense to put our own preferences aside and just go with the people who will read the music are going to prefer.

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