Grace notes with tremolos

• Dec 19, 2019 - 11:19

In swiss drumming "five stroke rolls" are written in grace notes with tremolos. What I wanted to do was to add Tremolos to the grace note. Unfortunately it isn't possible to do that. Is there any other way to do it?

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Non bisogna mettere la "nota di grazia" (abbellimento) ma occorre una nota reale (sotto quintina e poi rendere invisibili le pause). Questa dovrà, tramite "ispettore", essere rimpicciolita; dopodiché sarà sufficiente applicarle il segno di tremolo. Vedi allegato.
Con MuseScore...."si può fare!".
Buona musica.

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Musescore does not currently display Berger notation properly and cannot play back Berger correctly at all.

There are ways to try to fake or simulate it, but the result will be less than idea, especially for playback, and it will be a very manual process.

I speaking about grace notes with tremolos, specifically, the first step in solving this issue does not actually start with Musescore, but with SMuFL.

There is no symbol for grace note double acciaccatura within the SMuFL specification.

If this ornament was available in SMuFL, adding to Musescore could be as simple as a pull request.

Here is how I suggest to properly solve this.

Last month I presented at PASIC the idea to create a definitive percussion notation standard for various types of marching percussion to PAS Marching Percussion Committee.

This idea was approved by the committee and will become an officially supported initiative of the Percussive Arts Society.

While this effort would first begin with corps style and show style marching percussion, I envisioned that it would be quickly expanded to include Berger notation for Basel drumming, pipe drumming and various other forms of traditional rudimental percussion.

This effort would make the necessary additions to SMuFL and the MusicXML specification in order for any software vendor to enable a common standard to support for these styles of percussion.

To properly support this, I suggest the first place to start would be to very clearly define what extensions to SMuFL and MusicXML should be made in order to properly support Berger notation and Basel style drumming.

This should then be presented to the PAS committee. Once endorsed by the committee, pull requests should be made for both SMuFL and MusicXML in order to support these. Once pull requests have been approved and changes merged and the updated version of MusicXML and SMuFL available, then pull requests can be made for Musescore to properly enable this capability.

I know this sounds like a very involved and complicated process, but this approach is what will allow true support for the full requirements for this style of notation, not simply McGyvering grace note double acciaccatura.

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