Correct Italian translations on the website

• Dec 23, 2019 - 12:39

Hi. I'm writing this post because the Italian website has some translations that are a bit... off.

Let's start with the top bar.
Top bar.png
The first thing is the search box:
Annotation 2019-12-23 121304.png
The Italian one translates to "Research sheet music on .com". A better one would be "Cerca partiture".
If you're not logged in, the login button says:
Annotation 2019-12-23 132712.png
which is techincally right (it means "Authenticate"), but since every website uses "Accedi", which means Log in, I'd suggest using that instead.
When you're logged in there's the user dropdown menu:
Annotation 2019-12-23 131628.png
Instead of using the word "Cruscotto", you should keep "Dashboard", because the right term would be "Pannello", but it doesn't sound good (to me at least).

Then there's the handbook. I'm not talking about the content, I'm talking about the webpages.
For example, there's the text that says "Updated 4 weeks ago":
Annotation 2019-12-23 122105.png
The Italian one translates to "Updated the 4 weeks", which doesn't mean anything. A better one would be "Aggiornato 4 settimane fa".

There are probably many more errors in the translations, but those are the ones i managed to find while writing this topic. I would be happy to help you.


Ciao, see:

I noticed that you have updated translations on Transifex (I do not receive notifications), thank you. I updated the web page as best I could a while ago. The .com page is not translatable.
I try to keep an eye on the Italian forum for possible error reports. Every contribution is precious.
(Handbook 3 is all to be translated...)

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