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• Dec 27, 2019 - 20:59

Just installed MScore on my new PC and of course it starts with the “Start Centre” which I don’t want but I’ve forgotten how to turn it off. DIdn’t want to bother the forum so searched the online manual for “Start Center” and am totaling confused by what I got back!

Roman Numeral Analysis
Learning MuseScore
Capo Playback
Create new score
Piano roll editor
3.0 Handbook: Outline
Measure operations and so on.

But nothing as far as I can see about disabling the start centre and getting rid of the single blank page that comes up.

1. What “logic?” does search the handbook use to give me such odd responses to my query?
2. How do I stop the start centre appearing and also remove that single page offering.

Best wishes to all for the new year/decade


A good search engine is difficult to implement. Therefore for a large majority of web sites, searching from google gives far more accurate results than from the site itself. MuseScore is not an exception (and I know several advanced developpers site suffering from the same issue, so I would not make any reproach to MuseScore). (There are some exceptions, obviously amazon has a very good search engine...)

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