Is there a way to apply a loaded style globally to an older piece?

• Dec 29, 2019 - 17:30

Over the years I have written many pieces starting with 0.9 and upgrading some of them through the iterations of MS.

I am now using 3.3.

I load an old score and approve the reformatting. Then I go to "load style" and load the new style.

At that point it appears that some elements respond but others don't. For example, the composer style. EDIT: I just loaded another score and the chord symbols changed font but the "bold" function was applied. Also "bold" was enacted onto rehearsal letters.

I select the unchanged component, inspector comes up and I can then check "apply" style and the new style is applied.

Is there a "global" button which will apply the style changes to all elements?

If not, I will make a feature request.


Just a couple of quick questions so you don't end up with conflicting advice here.
Theoretically, (all?) style elements should automatically be applied and become the default for your score once you've loaded the style. I can't think of a particular reason that this is not happening in your case.

Are you trying to load a custom style that you created? If so, under which version of MS did you create the style?

If it's from an older version, I'd suggest re-saving the style under your current version so that there is less likelihood of incompatibilities. (Choose a recently updated score that you are happy with, and save the style from that score.)

Anything more than this is beyond my expertise. (such as it is.)

I, too, had a question (related to semantics). I only ask it now because I saw toffle's two sentences that begin: "Theoretically... and end with: "your case."

You wrote:
I select the unchanged component, inspector comes up and I can then check "apply" style and the new style is applied.

Whenever I select an element, and view the Inspector, I see 'Reset to style default' and 'Set as style' buttons:

I do not see any "apply" style, which you say you check.

If you actually mean one of the two buttons I mention, which of those do you need to press?
...because they have specific meanings (even though they both "apply" something ).

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Yes, the style is designed by me. In each case I have removed the "bold" and re-saved the style.

The button I am talking about is the "reset to style default".

So: Load the score
Load the style.
:Select the element.
:Select "reset ... etc".

At that time the elements will change to the new style.

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