Bass Lines; sounding ghost notes with a percussive or muted sound.

• Dec 30, 2019 - 14:40

Anyway to accomplish this? Followed help threads when Musescore was in it's early versions, like years ago.
Only complex work-around was offered at that time.

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Unfortunately, it is a Standard General MIDI issue, not a MuseScore issue.

There is not a "palm muted" sound patch defined into the Standard General MIDI.

The only way to really get this is to find a soundfont file with the bass palm muted sound defined as a separated instrument (MIDI patch) in some MIDI Bank.

Of course, if you get that soundfont file, you will have to use the "Instrument Change" staff text each time you want that sound, AND NOTE BY NOTE!!!

Sorry!!! Welcome to the reality. Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!

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