Mixer and Synthesiser remain greyed out

• Jan 4, 2020 - 15:23

Hello, Just just made the move from Windows to Linux, and have installed Linux Mint 19.3.
Have multimedia codecs installed.
Have installed Musescore 3.3.4 via Software Manager.
The following in MuseScore are greyed out (and therefore not selectable) Play, Mixer, and Synthesiser.
PulseAudio is selected in the Preferences/I/O screen.
There are no options available under PortAudio
I have the GeneralUser GS MuseScore v1.442.sf2 soundfont in the soundfonts folder in the MuseScore 3 folder.
I have clicked the 'Restart Audio and Midi Devices' button, and have also clicked the 'Reset All Preferences to Default' button.

Other sounds in Mint play, and Firefox browser video sound plays.
I would upload a screen shot showing the Mixer and Synthesiser are greyed out, however I cannot get Mint to take a screen shot of the MuseScore screen, when I have the Edit drop-down selected

Can you please help?
Many thanks


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Thanks for this.
I have tried this a number of times and..., then it was sorted. No idea why it decided to fix itself though.

However, I now have a horrible crackly sound and not the proper note sound.

Do I post this as a new issue or more of the same?

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to install/uninstall MDL (Help/Resource Manager);
to open the Synthesizer, move the volume slider slightly and save as default.
Edit, from an old post:
If I go to the system "Sound Settings" and just alter the slider for MuseScore but even 1% it stops the crackles. I'm using Pulseaudio. It is not consistent and changing back the 1% does not cause it to crackle again. Just the act of fiddling with the slider seems to stop it for good for the session.


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