Change date format (or seperate tags for day, month, year)

• Jan 7, 2020 - 14:28


I'm making lead sheets for my dutch church. I would like to use the program in english (the dutch translation is pretty good, but many terms I'm not familiar with in dutch, and googling for things is much easier when using the program in english) but use a dutch date format.
As per these threads (, musescore uses the date-format that matches the ui-language.

I would very much welcome a feature where i can specify the date format, either as a setting, or by using separate tags for day, month and year.

Thank you guys for this amazing piece of software!


So, in general, you would like the document language to be different/independent from the UI language? (hint to developers)

In the meantime, as a workaround, might I suggest you use the software in English as you like to, but switch to Dutch just for the step of exporting your music?

And note that there are two versions of English available - US and GB. GB uses dd/mm/yyyy and I think US uses mm/dd/yyyy. Being a Brit who used to work for a US company, I am aware of the confusion this causes (like being a few months late for a meeting!)

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Yes, I've gotten used to always writing out both the year in full and the month name.

I think everyone (at least every locale with an arabic numeral system) should use scientific/standard (YMD) anyway, which is ordered the same logical way as digits in numbers: from largest unit position to smallest; imagine the same with numbers, e.g. if different places would write the decimal number 123456789 as 456;789;123 or 789/123/456 or 987654321 or 978563412 or somesuch. Wouldn't that be grand. :P

(And then there's also the issue of western vs eastern name order, which then culminates in the question of what is a name at all, see But I digress. Notes, luckily, are named much simpler and easier - although even there is the issue of the German "H" for example :). )

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