Change date format without changing gui language

• Nov 30, 2019 - 10:14

After googling around a bit I found out that the date format from the $d tag in the footer changes it's format according to the program language.
I however would like to use the dutch format of D/M/Y while using the program in English. Is this possible?


In Windows 10, there is an option under Time and Language that allows you to change the date and time format. Clike Time & language then Date, time and regional formatting, then under Regional format change the current format to English (Netherlands) and you should have what you want. I suspect other operating systems have something similar. I think I remember windows 7 simply having a date and time format option rather than a long list by country.

MuseScore uses the Operating system's date format, not the one that matches the language MuseScore is using.
It may work to change just that via the environment variable LC_DATE, prior to starting MuseScore

set LC_DATE=nl

export LC_DATE=nl

Untested, but maybe worth trying

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