Is there a way to have the first and second volta lead to different places?

• Jan 7, 2020 - 19:16

So I am writing a Scherzo in Eb for a string quartet ensemble and the way I have structured out the Scherzo, I am wanting the 2 voltas to lead to different places like this:


A :|: Short transition to B, B A :| First volta transitions to Trio


|: C :|: D, Transition back to C in a minor key, C :| Retransition to Scherzo

Scherzo Da Capo:

A | Short transition to B, B A | Second volta transitions to the Coda

Maybe it would be easier if I show an image to better get across my intentions:

Scherzo in Eb Structure.png

Is there a way I can get it so that when it first plays through the Scherzo material, it goes to the first volta which then jumps to the trio and when it plays through the Scherzo material for a second time after the Scherzo D.C, it skips the first volta and goes directly to the second volta? I know I can make this clear to the musicians through text, but is there a way to get it in playback? I already know how to make it jump from a volta or really anywhere to the Coda.


Voltas mean one thing and one thing only: alternate endings before a repeat. So no, what you describe does not make musical sense. Better to rearrange the sections of your piece and/or use DS, Coda, etc to achieve something in accord with standard notation, so both MuseScore and human musicians will be able to follow.

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