Baroque soprano clef and dotted double bar

• Jan 10, 2020 - 04:20

Thanks to the MuseScore team for adding the Baroque alto and tenor clefs (and also the 19th century versions), plus the Baroque F clef shape. Could we get the former shapes in the soprano clef also? RIght now, as I prepare an edition of Fiocco's harpsichord works, I need all three; it doesn't look good to mix two historical forms with one modern one. See the first screen shot below. These same signs are found in Couperin's harpsichord pieces also (second screen shot).

Also, in French Baroque keyboard music, one finds double barlines with dots in the center, also shown in the screenshot. They typically indicate the end of a section within a piece. Could this style of barline be added? (It's usual in modern editions to have the barlines span the space between the two staves, although they didn't do that in the Baroque era; I suggest that MuseScore span the space if this is added.)



Thanks for considering these requests, and best wishes for the New Year.



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Thanks for the prompt response!! It looks like this takes care of the Baroque shape (green box on attachment), but MuseScore also includes what is labeled as a 19th c. shape (red box on attachment). Unless we are 100% certain that the 19th c. shape is never needed for soprano clef, I would add it for completeness.



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Sorry, I don't get it, the green box and the bass clef shown above are French 18th century, Alto, Tenor and Bass.
My PR adds one to that green box, on the bottom line of the staff (rather than line 3 or 4), for Soprano.

Are you agreeing to it or not?
Or are you suggesting to additionaly add a Soprano clef to those in the red box (French 20th century)?
That'd make perfect sense to me and I can certainly make that addition.
Like this?

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I am suggesting adding both shapes for soprano clef (bottom line). I imagine that someone proposed adding the French shapes for alto and tenor clefs but didn't realize that soprano clef is also needed. In my own work I use the Baroque shape soprano clef, but the 20th century shape is probably needed also (sorry, I called it 19th century by mistake). Better to have the complete set.

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