Dynamics not working

• Jan 11, 2020 - 01:56

I recently downloaded the latest version of Musescore on my macbook pro 2019, but for some reason none of the dynamics are working, everything sounds loud, any sound of volume change is too minimal to notice. Is there any way to fix this so that the playback can play the dynamics?

My setting is set do single note dynamics and velocity


Please forgive a possibly dumb question, but how are you adding dynamics? And what kind of dynamics are you adding?

Awaiting the score, I'm going to guess that it started off as a MIDI import. MuseScore honors the explicit note velocities set for each note in MIDI, thus overriding any dynamics you might enter afterwards.

To remedy that:
1. Select All (Ctrl-A)
2. At the bottom of the Inspector (F8) filter the selection using the Notes button
3. Press the reset arrows next to the Velocity type´ andVelocity` fields, which will set their values to Offset and 0 respectively

I was having the same exact issue recently but I reset the settings to factory default by going through Help->Revert to Factory Settings. That got my dynamics working normally again.

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