Trying to use score comparison tool on differently-named versions of same score

• Jan 11, 2020 - 05:33

I was trying to use the score comparison tool, but it seems to want both scores to have the same name. if I want to compare a current version with an earlier version saved with a different name, is there a way to enter the two names separately - as with a text file compare tool like Meld?


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OK, figured it out. It looks like I need to have both scores open in the program in order for the names to come up under "Choose scores to compare:" so I can select them in the drop-down lists.

Now when I look at the "intelligent" comparison results, I get a list of differences as expected. But the differences are identified only by measure, where it would be very helpful to know the staff as well. Also, in one case it shows a note pitch change:
"Measure 377: Note: property pitch changed from D5 to B4"
There is a D5-B4 chord in each of two staves in that measure, but looking alternately at the two scores I do not see any difference in the rendered appearance, which is all I am really concerned with.

It might also be helpful to allow the user to select what types of differences are to be included in the comparison results, so as to cut down on clutter and restrict to what the user is looking for (in my current case, the only significant diffs are insertions/deletions of notes, changes to note durations and/or pitches, also enharmonic changes).

Hope this is useful, and thanks again for your quick responses. I am attaching the two scores if this would be helpful.

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