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• Jan 12, 2020 - 18:12

can you get musescore desktop application to have a piano play view like the online one.

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Presumably you do not wish for a full symphonic score to cascade through the piano keyboard, but rather a tune you can learn to play.
If so, MuseScore can export (e.g., a piano tune) as MIDI, which you can then open with a third party software which displays a piano visualization like the online one.

For example, see:
(The last open-source release version 0.6.1b is still available for download.)

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yeah that would be my solution, sadly it would mean i would have to fully transcribe the solo piano work in MuseScore, then export MIDI & add fingerings to synthesia, i wont be able to make legitimate alterations to tempo and add fingerings to publications this way.

is 0.6.1b free? I can't find it in downloads, only 10.6 which is paid for.

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...it would mean i would have to fully transcribe the solo piano work in MuseScore..

Well, suppose MuseScore did have a piano play view like the online one.
You would still need to have the work transcribed into MuseScore. How else would playback be possible?

I don't know what you mean about 'legitimate' tempo alterations, but you can add tempo markings to MuseScore before you export MIDI.
Also, I would imagine that Synthesia allows 'illegitimate' (i.e., non-notated) tempo alterations during playback, especially when 'learning'.

Regarding adding fingerings to publications, MuseScore can print (and display) fingerings. See:

The free (open source) version of Synthesia certainly wouldn't be promoted on their website.
(An online search may yield results.)

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what I mean is i wil have to 100% transcribe to then play the music on piano, if i want to change something I have to go into musicscore, update, then export midi then go back into Synthesia, it will be an annoying process as i will attemp to play parts, then analise audio, then change parts but can't do it all within musescore desktop.

for fingerings it means I can't use MuseScore ones because when I export to MIDI Synthesia wont take into account the fingerings on the staff, I have do add them in Synthesia.

Ok I have the open source one now thanks.

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